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The idea of establishing the El Carmel Association was stemmed by Mr. Albert Ballan, music teacher in different schools in Haifa. Mr. Ballan is continuously enhancing to implant the roots of music in his students, he suggested the idea of establishing the association for a group of young people who live in Haifa and work in the music field. The idea was realized and the association became legally registered as an association in 1995. The members’ the goal was to bring out a new generation who can enjoy the music of different nature either authentic or modern.

Each of the Board of Director Members is responsible for the accomplishment of the administrative matters of the Association from the point of view of the implementation of the projects, budget regulation, man power enrollment, Music developing issues, fundraising coordinating, external affiliation. Their main concern is to bring the Association to success and satisfactory management.

According to the association’s regulations and the NGO’s authority, once every four year, elections are held for the reason of keeping the constancy and loyalty in their mission including the main roles such as the head of the association, secretary and treasurer.

The association is sponsored financially by the Ministry of culture and sport, Haifa Municipality, house of grace and other individual donators.

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