Music Is the Language That Leads All Arts

it immediately influences the heart and feeling and contains the power that reaches deep into our souls. The Association aims to teach the real meaning of music and not the commercial one, it teaches everything which is genuine and authentic for music education, according to the regulations, accuracy, and reliability in a modest way. The goals of the association are to improve the level of music in the country in order to encounter the new generation with different international kinds and genres of music.

Oriental and Western School for Music

El Carmel Music Association established the school for music in 2003 for the purpose of teaching the Oriental and Western music for all ages. It is the first school of its kind in the country where it aims to instruct and couch our generation in an accurate way the sense and connotation of music through professional and academic teachers from the Arab and Jewish Israeli sector.
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El Carmel Music Festival

Annually, the association holds a festival for music, singing, and dancing. The participants are talented adolescents from Haifa and different parts of the country.
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Youth at Risk

Working with youth at risk to their removal from the streets and danger in using spare time – music learning tools, culminating in a homely atmosphere, supportive and accepting.
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Shouf Hal-Ayam Group

The band was established in 1995 with the aim to pass the viewers and listeners its creative ability. The band specializes in singing the old and modern genres; it is the first band of its kind in the country and contains 19 members’ singers and musicians between the ages of 14-46. Some of them became professional and celebrity musicians.
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Orchestras and Ensembles Are Culminating Music

performances of ensembles and Orchestra. Ensembles and bands include musicians young and old talent who received music training during the year by teachers and professional ways. The orchestras participated in several events and concerts that were held in Haifa and Israel according to various orders and organizing and preparation for performances in a way.
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Hosting Artists And Singers From Abroad

A musical bridge between cultures in the world and works of music, world music, and integration with the vehicle-Carmel.
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